On November 18-20, the Nightingale Theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will again feature the notoriously anti-Catholic play, “Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You”; it opened last weekend.  Here’s what Catholic League president William Donohue had to say about it:

“There is not an anti-Catholic anywhere in the nation who has seen ‘Sister Mary Ignatius’ who didn’t love it.  For example, on November 13, Michael Smith of the Tulsa Worldaccurately said that ‘the Roman Catholic church’s true believers’ would find that the play ‘provide[s] laughs for all heathens in attendance.’ Judging from his review, that would include him.

“The play, which has been around for decades, features a malicious nun who is confronted by four of her former students.  All of them are obviously dysfunctional, a condition directly traceable to their Catholic upbringing.  The play not only manages to mock virtually every Catholic teaching, it goes after Jesus with a vengeance—from the Nativity to the Crucifixion; the Virgin Mary is similarly disparaged.  In the end, the nun shoots and kills two of her ex-students.

“The play is so vile that when it surfaced in the 1980s it was condemned as anti-Catholic by Jewish and Protestant organizations (as well as by Catholics), and even the New York Times found it offensive.  The work of an angry homosexual ex-Catholic, Christopher Durang, it continues to entertain bigots everywhere, including Tulsa.

“According to Tulsa.org, there are 232 churches in Tulsa, almost all which are Protestant; two of them, or .008 percent, are Catholic.  This would seem to suggest that the Tulsa Christian community could use a little Reformation of its own.  Accordingly, the Catholic League would be happy to supply 95 Theses outlining its concerns.  All we need to know is where to nail it.”

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