Bill Donohue comments on media coverage of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Pope Francis:

Donald Trump disagrees with the pope on immigration, and Hillary Clinton disagrees with the pontiff on abortion.

Here are some headlines about Trump and the pope:

  • “Pope Taunts Trump Again, Will Catholics Respond with Votes?”
  • “Pope Francis to Donald Trump: Stop Lecturing the Vatican on My Visit to Mexico”
  • “The Pope, ‘The Donald’ and the Wall Between Them”
  • “Donald Trump’s Bad Catholic Day”
  • “Pope Francis’s Prayer for Migrants Dings Donald Trump”
  • “Donald Trump Picks Fight with Pope and the Vatican Slams Him”
  • “Pope Francis to Donald Trump: Don’t Admonish the Vatican for My Visit to Mexico”

These are just some of the headlines that pit Trump against the pope; there are many more stories that do the same. By contrast, when NARAL, the most radical pro-abortion organization in the nation, endorsed Hillary Clinton on January 5, there was not a single media outlet that pitted her against the pope.

Trump and Clinton both belong to mainline Protestant denominations (Presbyterian and Methodist, respectively), and both are leading contenders to win the nomination of their party. Why, then, the media fixation on Trump differing with the pope, but not Clinton and the pope?

The media bias is even more flagrant than this. There is no clear-cut Catholic teaching on immigration the way there is one on abortion. Moreover, Trump was asked to comment on the pope’s position on immigration. Why is Clinton never asked to comment on the pope’s position on abortion?

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