Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on last night’s edition of “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah”:

Trevor Noah will now be subjected to the same relentless attack on a select list of his sponsors that Samantha Bee experienced. That gambit paid off: After we managed to kill seven of her most prominent sponsors last year, she got the message and laid off Catholics. We will now go after Noah’s sponsors.

On his May 29 show, Noah once again showed what a bigot he is when he allowed one of his correspondents, Ronny Chieng, to make what he called a “pedophilia joke” about Catholic priests. Using the sale of video games by an alleged Catholic group as his theme, Chieng said, “I don’t think an institution known for priests luring children should put out a game to lure more children. Where do you even catch the final Pokémon Jesus—Father Garrity’s tickle room?”

In April, Noah took the occasion of the Notre Dame fire to say, “Why doesn’t France ask the Catholic Church to pay for the repairs? A billion dollars is nothing to them. It’s like three child abuse settlements.”

In March, he noted that the pope pulled his hand away when people sought to kiss his ring, saying that “it’s a nice change of pace to see a priest not want to touch people.”

Like all bigots, Noah goes back to the well for material, but this time he has gone too far.

The first company we will ask to stop advertising on Noah’s show is Burger King. It frequently sponsors his show, having done so again earlier this month.

It is a good choice because it is one of the companies that dropped its sponsorship of Samantha Bee’s show. Jose Cil, president of Burger King, acted responsibly by pulling the fast food giant from advertising on her show, and we hope he will respond to our call to drop Noah’s show as well.


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