Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on remarks made last night by Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show”:

Trevor Noah has a problem. He is fixated on priests. He hates them. That is why he can’t stop making offensive generalizations about them.

On his March 26 Comedy Central show, Noah once again flashed his bigotry when he commented on a clip of Catholics shown kissing Pope Francis’ ring. After observing that the pope appeared to pull his hand away, he noted that “it’s a nice change of pace to see a priest not want to touch people.”

As a black man from South Africa, we might expect Noah to be repelled by gross generalizations made about any demographic minority. But now that he is living a privileged existence in America, it is evident that his consciousness has warped.

The next time this genius gets the urge to go off the rails speaking about sexual abuse, let him focus on Hollywood. There is plenty of material there for his writers to work with.

Contact: Renata Luczak, VP Communications for the “Daily Show”:

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