Bill Donohue comments on a woman who sued a Catholic hospital for refusing to change her sex:

The mainstream media are floating a fake news story. They are saying that a “man filed suit against a Catholic hospital in New Jersey on Thursday for refusing to allow a surgeon to perform a hysterectomy on him at the facility.” But a man cannot have a hysterectomy—only those with a womb can. They are called women.

I was slightly dishonest. The sentence I quoted, from an AP story, began by saying “A transgender man….” The really dishonest people are those in the media, and elsewhere, who want to brainwash us into thinking that a woman who seeks to remove her uterus is a man because she says she is. If she identified as a giraffe, would that make her so?

The real story here, of course, is the manipulative and dishonest politics of a sex-engineering activist seeking to shove her sexual agenda down the throat of Catholics. This New Jersey woman, Jionni Conforti, had lots of places she could have gone to in her quest to have a surgeon make the “transition,” but she intentionally chose a Catholic hospital, knowing it would resist.

Catholic institutions believe in nature and nature’s God, and therefore reject the fiction that sex is not determined at birth. As such, they refuse to perform operations that would deny this verity.

While this case has its bizarre elements, the root issue is quite simple: the First Amendment presumptively insulates religious institutions from the reach of government. Catholic hospitals that are denied the right to follow Catholic teachings are no longer Catholic. Ms. Conforti knows that, and that is why she is suing.

She needs help, but her problems are upstairs, not downstairs.

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