Bill Donohue comments on last night’s Comedy Central show, “Tosh.O”:

“Tosh.O” is one of the many vehicles Comedy Central uses to mock Catholicism, and host Daniel Tosh delivered again last night.

He used a woman calling herself “Empress Gail” to spout a vile routine about Jesuits, one that descended into disgusting references to bodily fluids, human excrement, and grotesque sexual practices. She topped it off with a reference to the animated cartoon mouse Angelina Ballerina as “the new antichrist” who “actually just went and raped Pope Francis.”

Only a sick mind would find this funny, but then again humor is clearly not the point. The point is to offend Catholics. As they proved last night, Tosh and Comedy Central are obviously willing to go as deep into the gutter as they can.

Contact Jeremy Zweig, Vice President, Corporate Communications at Viacom:

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