Congratulations to all those Catholic League members who wrote letters to the talk-TV show, “To the Contrary.”   In the last edition of Catalyst, we recounted how the host of the show, Bonnie Erbe, had attacked Linda Chavez as “an overgrown Catholic schoolgirl.”  As a matter of fact, Erbe had used that slur to denounce Kate O’Beirne as well; both Kate and Linda serve on our board of advisors.

“To the Contrary” was hit with so many complaints that they created a form response letter addressed, “Dear Catalyst Reader.”  In doing so, however, they dug themselves in deeper by accusing Linda of saying “many nasty and un-Christian things to Ms. Erbe.”  For evidence, they offered nothing, which is just the kind of hit-and-run tactic that caused a stir in the first place.  Linda shared with us the e-mail exchange she had with Erbe, and it is clear that she did nothing wrong.   Indeed, we called their office asking for evidence of Linda’a alleged wrongdoing.  Bonnie Erbe called us back saying she had nothing more to offer.  Just what we thought.

Oh, yes, we took note of how the response to Catalyst readers ended: “Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter and God Bless.”

For some strange reason, we have a hard time believing that this is the way they customarily end their letters.  Of course, it could mean that they’re very considerate persons.  Either that or they’re frauds.

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