During a recent episode of “TMZ,” which airs on the Fox Broadcasting Channel, a female commentator and a male announcer took after Bristol Palin, zeroing in on her recently announced pregnancy.

Commentator: “So weird she doesn’t believe in abortion, but she believes in just like raw dogging it all over.”

Announcer: “So, thanks, hypocrisy. You’re the reason we have Catholic school girl porns. Congrats, Bristol!”

Catholics always seem to get it, even when, as in this case—Bristol is not Catholic—it has nothing to do with us.

More important is the anger that these professional celebrity monitors have for Bristol: It bothers them to no end that she has chosen to have her child born out-of-wedlock rather than terminate her pregnancy. We know what they would do.

Bristol is a living reminder that motherhood carries responsibilities, something our culture sadly devalues these days.

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