Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on another bigoted remark by Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah:

Last night Trevor Noah joked about the tragedy in France. On second thought, it is not clear whether he thinks the Notre Dame fire was a tragedy at all. “Why doesn’t France ask for the Catholic Church to pay for the repairs? A billion dollars is nothing to them. It’s like three child abuse settlements.”

In this #MeToo world, everyone is walking on eggshells. But not when it comes to trashing Catholics. If the Catholic League were to follow the lead of so many other civil rights organizations, and social media activists, we would be calling for Noah to be fired. After all, he is a repeat offender—he frequently assaults Catholic sensibilities with below the belt comments.

Instead of calling on Noah to be fired, we are calling on his bosses to have him treat Catholics the same way he treats other religious, racial, and ethnic groups, to say nothing of the LGBTQ community. If he continues, our response will be very different.

Following a recent anti-Catholic remark, we asked our supporters to contact Renata Luczak, the communications director for the “Daily Show.” This time we are asking our base to contact the head of Viacom, the parent company of Comedy Central.


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