For the past two weekends, the website of Time magazine has featured articles on the absence of women clergy in the Catholic Church. Commenting on this is Catholic League president Bill Donohue:

It is one thing for Time to be intoxicated with the fiction of women priests, quite another for it to enlist on an agenda. Many religions reserve the clergy for men, though Time has no interest in berating them on this subject. Just Roman Catholicism.

Last week, Dawn Reiss wrote on the website of Time about an old woman, Alta Jacko, who thinks she is a priest. Reiss even referred to her as “an ordained priest in the Roman Catholic Church,” knowing full well that the 81-year-old lady was no more a priest than I am Cardinal Donohue.

Yesterday, Tim Padgett wrote about yet another elderly gal who thinks she is a priest, saying that there are now “more than 100 other women who claim to be Catholic priests in the U.S. and abroad.” He did not say whether the senior citizens had seen Elvis lately.

They can dress up and play make-believe all they want, but at the end of the day, the octogenarians are neither priests nor Catholics: they’ve been excommunicated for their stunts. But not all is lost as they are now available to join the mainline Protestant denominations. They would make splendid ministers, though apparently no one has called.

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