The March 10 edition of Time published a column entitled “Winners and Losers” that listed Pope John Paul II as a “loser” for condemning ads that “shock, titillate and tempt.” Next to a picture of the Pope, it said, “But will Calvin Klein listen?”

The league sent a letter to the magazine stating the following: “Why the Pope should be branded a loser for criticizing sleaze is not certain, but this much is: Calvin Klein listened when the Catholic League called for a boycott – he withdrew some of his most offensive ads.” We added, “So what makes you think that Klein, and others, might not listen to the Vatican?”

Amy Musher of the editorial office of Time said that “We regret any offense at finding the Vatican in the Losers column, for certainly none was intended.” She made it clear that “the Pope was not being ‘branded a loser’ for criticizing sleaze in advertising; we meant merely to suggest that, in terms of Calvin Klein’s past record (even though certain ads were withdrawn, after boycott threats), official condemnation may not be enough to prevent a recurrence of shocking or titillating ads.”

Musher said that the league’s letter was “circulated among the appropriate editors for their interest and attention.”

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