There is something annoyingly superficial about the glossy-styled writing that is commonly found in Time and Newsweek these days, and this is especially true ofTime. One gets the feeling that those who write for these slick packages sip their Starbucks while reading the New York Times over bagels without butter. It’s high time they put their feet on the ground and got their nose out of the air.

That, at least, is our reaction to the so-what attitude that both publications displayed toward “Corpus Christi.” Time comments that the Jesus-figure in the play has sex with Judas in a bathroom yet dubs the performance a “serious, even reverent retelling of the Christ story.” Newsweek acknowledges that Jesus has sex with the apostles but notes that none of this occurs on stage, “though he [Jesus] does make out with Judas (who else?) and officiate at a gay wedding.”

Had “Corpus Christi” actually shown live sex on stage, the only thing that might have bothered these tolerance mavens is if condoms weren’t used. Maybe they ought put some butter back on their bagels and join the rest of the world.

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