There are only two sexes: male or female.

That is what Bill Donohue said to the graduating class at Ave Maria Law School on May 14; his comments were well received. The same day, Wyoming Sen. Cynthia Lummis spoke to the graduates at the University of Wyoming and she said the same thing. She was booed and later apologized for “disrespecting” people.

Sen. Lummis should never have apologized. She told the truth.
We will never beat those who deny the existence of nature, and nature’s God—which is what this madness is all about—if we yield to ideological maniacs who refuse to acknowledge the existence of truth.

There is a dangerous movement afoot seeking to punish anyone who refuses to bow to the thought-control police, namely those in education, government and the media who are telling everyone, especially students and employees, what pronouns they must use when addressing a man or a woman who claims to be something other than a man or a woman.

It doesn’t help when a sitting U.S. senator apologizes for merely telling the truth, and it is particularly wrong when the offenders are the administration, faculty and students at a state university.

Our side needs to be disobedient. There is no virtue in kowtowing to ideological zealots who live in a state of delusion.

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