Insight Media is a company that has a big catalog of videos and CD-ROMS for high school and college students.  On the subject of religion, its selection is generally quite good.  But generally isn’t quite good enough, not especially when it’s our religion that is singled out for bashing.

The selections that deal with Christianity are fine, as are the selections that cover everything from Animism and Buddhism to Voodoo and Transcendentalism.  But when it comes to Roman Catholicism, their idea of fairness shines through: there are two listings, one called “The Inquisition” and the other “Roman Catholicism: Flowers in May.”  The former video needs no introduction but the latter one does—it examines the Church’s “origins and growth into a political force in world events.”

In September, William Donohue wrote to Jeff Morris, president of Insight Media, Inc.  Donohue complained that the videos, “by your own description, offer a negative view of Catholicism.”  He drew a contrast with the depiction of other world religions, noting that Judaism and Islam received treatment that was respectful of their heritage.

Donohue continued by saying, “Something is at work here and I would like an explanation.  Better yet, I would like you to reconsider this matter by including a) more videos on Catholicism, and b) videos that do not feed an anti-Catholic animus.”

Morris has not responded, but perhaps if you write, he will.  Write to him at Insight Media, Inc., 2162 Broadway, New York, New York 10024.

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