Commenting on today’s edition of the ABC show “The View” is Catholic League president Bill Donohue:

“They can’t give it up. It started with a discussion about James Cameron’s latest Titanic tale—the one about Jesus’ tomb—and it quickly degenerated into another round of mockery. About Catholicism, that is.

“Rosie O’Donnell began by demonstrating her command of the Bible by saying, ‘Weren’t, weren’t, wasn’t the Bible written 200 years after the death of Jesus?’ No, it wasn’t, wasn’t, wasn’t. Someone needs to clue her in—she’s only off by over a hundred years. But that someone is surely not co-host Joy Behar. Today she confessed that ‘I am not really a scholar. I don’t know anything.’ She got that right.

“To appreciate O’Donnell ridiculing the Eucharist, you’d have to see it. But that might make you sick. So just read what she said: ‘The biggest thing when you are raised a Catholic when I was a kid was that you are not allowed to touch the Host with your hand.’ After Behar chimed in with ‘Or chew the Host,’ O’Donnell exclaimed, ‘Or your teeth. So you would put it, would get stuck to the roof of your mouth and you would spend the rest of church going [she mimics her tongue hitting the top of her mouth].’ O’Donnell later says something about letting Jesus rest in peace because ‘You can’t get a Q-tip and swab the inside of his cheek.’

“After taking some liberties with Catholicism, Behar lets the audience know that when it comes to anti-Semitism, she will have none of it. She admitted that she would not vote for Mitt Romney and that’s because he announced his bid for the presidency in front of the Ford building. Ford, she said, was ‘a big, big, Hitler supporter.’ This is a claim that not even those who charge Ford with being an anti-Semite make. Leaving Ford aside, it’s nice to know that these ex-Catholic ladies have little tolerance for anti-Semitism. Now if only they thought of Catholics as if they were Jews.”

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