When the anarchists captured a portion of Seattle, turning it into a haven for the deranged, its clueless mayor, Jenny Durkan, called it “The Summer of Love.” It didn’t take long before the love birds targeted her home. All of a sudden, she pivoted. Her office issued a statement denouncing the rioters for threatening “the safety and of the Mayor and her family.”

Two weeks earlier, another Washington state mayor, Cheryl Selby of Olympia, who previously celebrated Black Lives Matter, turned on the protesters accusing them of “domestic terrorism.” What changed? The thugs vandalized her home.

Bill Donohue dubbed it “The Summer of Hate.” The hate was directed not only at historic American figures—it was directed at the Catholic Church. We detailed the vitriol and the carnage, condemning every attack. Here is a small sample of what happened over the summer.

A statue of Our Blessed Mother was set on fire in Boston and another statue of the Virgin Mary was vandalized in Queens, New York. In Ocala, Florida a man crashed his minivan into a Catholic church while parishioners gathered for Mass; he then poured gasoline in the church’s foyer and set the church ablaze.

Assaults on Saint Junípero Serra were commonplace, especially in California. San Gabriel Mission Church in Los Angeles County was set on fire destroying parts of the 249-year-old iconic structure. It was founded by Father Serra in 1771, the priest who was a staunch defender of the rights of Indians (statues of him had already been smashed in many towns and cities).

Vandals were charged with a hate crime after they partially disfigured Mission San Jose, a church in Fremont, California. Swastikas and anti-Catholic comments were found on the graves of several Dominican friars on the campus of Providence College. Schools and Catholic statues were destroyed in New Mexico, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Kentucky, and Colorado.

In Portland, Oregon, protesters engaged in book burning. The book they chose was the Bible. This is what the Nazis did in 1933: They burned 25,000 books deemed inappropriate in Hitler’s Germany. The Communists under Mao did the same thing. All of this is done to erase the past, thereby ushering in a new day.

“The enemy of the Portland Hitlerians,” Donohue said, “is American society, which is why they burn the flag. They also hate the Judeo-Christian ethos upon which it is based, which is why they burn the Bible.”

The protesters resort to anarchy because they have no blueprint for the future. They are intellectually spent, morally bankrupt and culturally deracinated.

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