The Nation, the weekly radical magazine, recently showed its class with a story on Catholic hospitals; the class-conscious publication proved that however middle-class its writers may be, its workmanship is decidedly low-class.

On the cover of the January 25 edition was a popular illustration of Madonna and Child. The title of the piece was vintage Nation fare: “Immaculate Contraception: As Catholic Ownership of Health Services Growns, Women’s Choices Decline.” Written by feminist Jennifer Baumgardner, the piece is an anti-Catholic diatribe masked as serious analysis.

Catholic hospitals are charged with “discrimination” because they bar abortions. Baumgardner wants to know “Whether poor women should be subject to the morals of the Vatican,” sarcastically observing that “At Catholic hospitals, a woman’s having a baby is treated like the Virgin herself.” She warns, of course, of “a dangerous blurring of the line between church and state,” and openly laments the reality that “Catholic hospitals are the largest nonprofit healthcare provider.”

Baumgardner’s interest in violations of church and state is not sufficient, however, to stop her from suggesting that anti-discrimination laws should be used to coerce Catholic hospitals to provide “services” which violate their moral teachings and ethical standards. We also pointed out to the Nation that there is nothing stopping pro-abortion groups from buying community hospitals; therefore, complaints with Catholic hospitals are more of a whine than serious commentary.

It all comes down to this: unlike most other hospitals, Catholic ones don’t kill kids. And for that they’re condemned by the bigots.

This is an issue that will only grow bigger. The pro-aborts are mad about this cause.

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