Until recently, Madalyn Murray O’Hair was known for one thing–America’s most bitter atheist (she was the one who sued to get prayer thrown out of the schools in 1963). It now looks like she may also be known as a thief.

The last time any of O’Hair’s friends saw her was in the fall of 1995 when she left to go to New York to protest the visit by the pope. It also happens to be about the last time two of her atheist organizations remember seeing their coffers full as well.

United Secularists of America reports that $612,000 has been missing since O’Hair vanished. American Atheists confesses that it has been missing $15,500 since O’Hair disappeared. So where’s the loot? If O’Hair has the $627,500, it’s a sure bet the cops won’t find her in a homeless shelter, much less a church. Perhaps Las Vegas?

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