Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on last night’s episode of the Fox sitcom, “The Mick”:

This episode was full of comments about Catholicism that were too silly and childish to be of any interest to the Catholic League. But the show crossed the line when it moved on to deliberately exploit the Mass for crass purposes.

First we see the main character, Mick, entering the church with a pile of donuts and coffees, handing them out to friends, then scarfing down donuts as Mass begins.

Later, upset at her friend’s new found religious zeal, Mick interrupts Mass, barging onto the altar. She calls the priest a “serpent,” and accuses him of replacing her friend’s drinking problem with another “addiction”—Catholicism.

This can be a teaching moment for scriptwriters: as long as you leave our sacraments alone, and avoid derogatory comments or depictions of Jesus and his Blessed Mother, you’ll hear nothing from the Catholic League.

But when you exploit the Mass, the center of our prayer life, for cheap laughs, we’ll call you out every time.

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