Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented today on how “The Golden Compass” is being criticized by friend and foe alike:

“Poor Philip Pullman—he’s getting it from all sides. In today’s U.K. dailyThe Telegraph, it states that the movie version of Pullman’s book, ‘The Golden Compass,’ has had ‘a troubled transition to the screen.’ To be specific, it says that ‘The adaptation has managed to upset both Christians and atheists, the former because of the book’s anti-religious themes and the latter because those very themes have been watered down and virtually excised from the film.’ The article also says that the ‘watering down’ has been condemned by the National Secular Society—they like their bigotry naked. Say what you want about the group, they’re at least honest, which is more than can be said about Pullman and his lackeys.

“Everyone should watch (click here) the interview that Pullman has with Donna Freitas, a Boston University professor who recently tried in vain to bail him out. It’s pathetic. Equally embarrassing is her comment about the film in the November 8 Chicago Sun-Times. She said it’s ‘a thrilling, cutting-edge work of Christian theology.’ It’s gets better: ‘What’s distressing about Donohue’s message is he’s talking about [the book] as if it’s this atheist manifesto geared at children. He’s forgetting this is a wonderful literary fantasy for children.’ This leaves me speechless.

“Not to be outdone, the official response from Scholastic, the mega-publisher of educational materials which is co-producing the movie, is to brag how the film ‘celebrates freedom, love, courage and responsibility.’ Guess they forgot about the atheism and the Catholic bashing.

“Best of all is movie critic Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel. ‘Pullman’s subconscious directs the novels not towards an all-out assault on Christianity. He didn’t set out, as he has glibly claimed, ‘to kill God.’ Really? So in the mind of this Freudian deconstructionist, Pullman really likes Christianity. Look for Moore to get a job teaching psychology or philosophy at a local college. They’ll love him.”

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