As Bill Donohue pointed out in Common Sense Catholicism, higher education corrupts our capacity to exercise common sense. This is most glaringly obvious among white people; they have spent more time in school than blacks. The latest Pew Research Center survey on transgender persons unwittingly offers more proof of this observation.

Respondents were asked whether being a man or a woman “is determined by sex assigned at birth” or if it “can be different from sex assigned at birth.”

This inaccurately worded question, written by well-educated researchers, underscores Donohue’s point about the corrupting power of higher education.

Sex is never assigned—it is determined by the father and is detectable during pregnancy. If it were assigned there could be no “gender reveal” parties (this is also inaccurate—it is the baby’s sex that is being revealed by technology, not his or her gender).It would be more accurate to say that our sex is recorded, not assigned, at birth; the person doing the officiating is simply validating the obvious.

Most important, our sex cannot change. It’s impossible. We are either conceived as a male or a female and no amount of cross dressing, puberty blockers, chemical castration and genital mutilation can ever change that.

Still, it is amazing to read that 38 percent of those surveyed believe our sex can change. Who are these people?

Predictably, whites, who have stayed in school the longest, are the most gullible: 38 percent say we can change our sex. Blacks have more common sense: only 31 percent believe it can be changed.

Young people have the least common sense, which is why they are split 50-50 on this issue. They are also the most likely to have been indoctrinated in the fantasies of gender ideology.

The Pew survey conclusively shows that the longer one stays in school, the less common sense he is likely to have.

Those with a high school education or less turned out to be the brightest: 33 percent believe our sex can change; the figure for those with some college is 39 percent; it jumps to 45 percent among the most educated (bachelor’s degree or more). No doubt those with graduate degrees are the dumbest, with those in the humanities and social sciences leading the way.

Higher education is supposed to make us brighter. It is supposed to encourage us to look at data and be persuaded by empirical evidence. It is supposed to develop our ability to reason and think logically. Instead, it is disabling our mental faculties, leaving us prone to ideological whims.

The time has come for college students to learn how to think in a commonsensical manner. They need to be tutored by working-class men and women who have not gone beyond high school. Maybe then the “well educated” would know the difference between a man and a woman.

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