The Catholic Medical Foundation has been called “the major suppliers to 18 hospitals in the war zone.” The Chapmans believe that healing the body and healing the spirit are necessarily linked. That’s why, beginning with their first visit to Medjugorje in 1992, they have drastically altered their lives, sacrificing personal wealth and safety, to provide more than $30 million dollars in medical supplies to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Since then, the Chapmans have brought over such things as respirators, a heart-lung machine, an unused ambulance, and a mammogram machine. Those, in addition to the millions of dollars of pharmaceutical supplies and food, are making their way to Bosnia, personally escorted into the war zone by the Chapmans, a personal touch they feel is necessary both for the donor and the recipient. There are many relief organizations working in the area, Judy said, but some are so huge, they don’t develop personal relationships and there’s often inadequate organization on the ground. If you would like to help the Catholic Medical Foundation in any way (money, supplies, etc.), or would like more information on their relief efforts in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, please contact:

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher and Judy Chapman
Catholic Medical Foundation
3555 Santee Mill Road
Bethlehem, PA 18017
Fax (610) 865-6324

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