Militant secularists are in high gear the last quarter of every year.

They don’t like October because they don’t like Columbus. Why? He symbolizes Western civilization, which they loathe. They don’t like Christmas because it reminds them of Jesus Christ, whose divinity they reject.

Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, radical atheists are bent on discrediting the holiday, all because it represents Christianity.

Not all atheists are haters. But the activists among them tend to be that way. Most of them are unhappy people. They are unhappy with their lives, their country, Western civilization and God. What makes them feel good is perverse: They take joy in tearing down America’s religious heritage.

They do this by promoting propaganda. They are masters at taking words out of context, or literally fabricating, stories about Thanksgiving that put a negative face on it. Their goal is to spoil the holiday by expressing an affinity with Native Americans, about whom they know nothing and could care less.

Thanksgiving is a family celebration, and that is one more reason why militant secularists want to destroy it. From the period of the Enlightenment in the late 18th and 19th centuries, to the latest rants by radicals, the family has always been in their sights: They resent the idea that children should be raised exclusively by their parents. Why? Parents can thwart their social engineering ambitions.

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t let the malcontents get in your way.

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