In the last edition of Catalyst, we covered the controversial case of a professor under the gun for publishing an allegedly biased article; we also published Bill Donohue’s scathing indictment of the person who lodged the complaint. We are happy to report that there will be no investigation of Professor Mark Regnerus at the University of Texas, Austin.

Regnerus had published a serious article in a peer-review journal documenting the negative effects of gay parents on their adopted children. Scott Rose, a homosexual freelance writer with no academic credentials, filed a complaint asking for an investigation of Regnerus’ allegedly biased research. Donohue weighed in with a letter to the president of the university, William Powers, Jr., documenting Rose’s clear bias against Catholicism; Regnerus is a recent convert to Catholicism.

The University of Texas has a policy that requires an inquiry into all complaints against a professor accused of shoddy scholarship. After the inquiry is completed, either an investigation is launched or the case is  dismissed. The Regnerus case has been dropped.

Donohue got involved because (a) he is an academic (b) both he and  Regnerus are sociologists, and (c) Rose has a history of Catholic bashing. Though Donohue has never met Regnerus, he admires his work. Regnerus was appreciative of Donohue’s help.

Gay intimidation of honest scholarship is a growing problem in academia. That those responsible for this condition boast of tolerance makes the situation even sicker.

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