Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the Texas A&M professor who is under fire for his anti-Catholicism:

Yesterday, I wrote to Texas A&M University President Michael K. Young about the incredibly anti-Catholic social media posts featured by professor Filipe Castro; we also contacted many officials at the university and in government. Now we have received more social media posts of the same variety. To see a small sample, click here.

Some of what Castro has said on social media are highly controversial  statements of a political nature. Such commentary is not the issue. He has every right to his opinion. But he has no right to deliberately insult Catholics with his sick portrayal of priests and his trashing of Catholicism.

If imams were targeted, and Islam was being denigrated, such expressions of bigotry would not be tolerated. Anti-Catholicism should not be treated any differently.

Complaints have also reached our office of Catholic students being badgered by Castro in the classroom, and of obscene remarks he has made about women. Unlike the photos of his vile social media posts, we cannot be certain he is guilty of such offenses. That is why we are calling on President Young to launch an investigation on all of these matters.

We understand that one is under way by the Office of Risk, Ethics, and Compliance. We implore President Young to give his full and public support to this probe. We are copying every academic and government official we contacted yesterday, as well as new ones, with the latest proof of Castro’s indefensible behavior.

Contact President Young:

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