Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the response by TBS to Samantha Bee’s assault on Ivanka Trump:

Samantha Bee insults Ivanka Trump with the most obscene sexist remark there is—reducing the president’s daughter to a piece of flesh—and the best TBS can do is say she was wrong.

So Bee keeps her job. If the target of Bee’s assault had been a black liberal woman, TBS would have treated her the way ABC treated Roseanne Barr and fired her. But white conservative women, we have learned, do not enjoy the same rights. This is as racist as it is political.

By doing nothing, TBS has given Bee the green light to trash Catholics.

Here is a sample of this woman’s bigotry:

2010: Bee said she grew up in a home where her father was an atheist and her mother practiced Wicca, opining that the family “didn’t have big gory Jesuses everywhere…you couldn’t see the blood dripping from the wounds.”

2013: When cardinals assembled to elect a new pope, Bee called the gathering a “grope,” likening it to a “molestation,” saying that the process was not complete until the cardinals reached a “fellatio,” or an “oral consensus,” culminating in “white smoke rising from the chimney.”

2016: When an archbishop made remarks critical of the pro-abortion ties of the Girl Scouts, Bee said to him, “If you don’t want girls getting knocked up, and you won’t let them use contraception, you better teach the Boy Scouts to use some of those fancy knots on their d***.”

2016: Bee criticized Catholic hospitals. On her TBS show they portrayed an elderly man in a hospital with an erection, which allowed her to comment, “you can bet they’ll put an end to all that filthy death bed masturbating.” She then objected to the U.S. bishops making healthcare decisions that affect “millions of American vaginas,” rulings made by those who “have never owned one or touched one.” Then, after showing a robed Catholic priest explaining the healthcare directives, she said, “Thanks, Friar Suck. When I need reproductive advice from a virgin in a bathrobe, I’ll let you know.”

2017: While displaying a photo of a Catholic schoolgirl gazing at Jesus, Bee said we all know that “sexy buff Jesus was an Immaculate Conception.”

Most of these obscene remarks were made on Bee’s TBS show, but the network never apologized for any of them. By going soft on her now, following her vicious assault on Ivanka Trump, the network is effectively saying that it is okay for Bee to say anything she wants about Catholics or the Catholic Church. She has a license to insult.

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