Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Sam Smith and Kim Petras:

Like most Americans, we at the Catholic League never heard of Sam Smith or Kim Petras until they won a Grammy award on Sunday. Lots of people won an award, but for some reason these two got the lion’s share of the attention.

Lots of entertainers are bizarre, but these two take the cake, at least until next week.

The entertainment world loves anyone who sticks it to the average American. They especially like those who imitate Satan. If the performer is also sexually confused, that’s a big plus. But one thing is a must: they have to be a victim, even if it means having to intentionally taunt innocent people to get the desired response.

Sam doesn’t know if he is a man or a woman, which is why he calls himself “non-binary.” But this is not true. He is a man. He may think he’s neither a man nor a woman, but that is delusional. We can agree with him on one thing: he likes to celebrate sadomasochism and appeal to the Devil.

But why? Why does Sam like bondage and Satan? Furthermore, it would be instructive to know if he thinks Satan is driving his desire to be whipped.

Prior to his performance, one of Sam’s staff members offered a preview of what it would be like. Sam would be “playing Satan,” he said, and “there will be a lot of devil type stuff, devil worship, and pyrotechnics like you’ve never seen before.”

No one was disappointed. Sam appeared on stage wearing a red leather suit and a very cute Halloween-like hat with red horns. He sang a song named, appropriately, “Unholy.”

Another member of his staff opined before the event that his performance would “make a lot of people very upset,” especially Christians. That, of course, was the point—intentionally inflame Christian sensibilities, and when you’re bashed on social media, claim victim status. Mission accomplished.

Kim Petras is a man who thinks he’s a woman, or what is today called a “transgender person” (they really don’t exist, but that’s for another day). He said he “personally grew up wondering about religion and wanting to be a part of it, but then slowly realizing it doesn’t want me to be a part of it.”

He did not say who told him he could not be a part of whatever religion he was talking about, or why. But he did admit that “as a trans person, I’m kind of already not wanted in religion.” He did not explain why that might be.

Kim wants to claim victim status, but like Sam, that is a stretch. Indeed, it’s contrived. One of his famous numbers is called “Slut Pop.” It is a seven-track performance detailing his many sexual adventures. He dubbed it a “super insanely sexual thing.”

Which raises the question: What made Kim do it? What message was he trying to convey?

After he made his obscene video, Kim said he was bothered by critics for being judgmental. Had they not objected, he would have been devastated. He is proud to be sexually confused and even goes so far as to say that as a “trans woman,” he is very protective of abortion because “I needed to adjust my body to who I am inside.”

Truth to tell, Kim has nothing to worry about. He can never get pregnant and therefore he can never have an abortion. Nature, and nature’s God, has seen to that. At least he can’t victimize an unborn child.

If Sam and Kim weren’t called names, they would hire stunt men to yell at them. Worse, if they were welcomed by the people they taunt, namely Christians, they would go into a deep depression. It is not enough for the sexually confused to play Satan and sing slutty songs. No, they must be rejected by those whom they trash.

Coda: We checked to see if YouTube put an age restriction on Sam’s music video, “I’m Not Here to Make Friends”—it is loaded with sexualized imagery, as well as a shot of Sam being urinated on in a men’s room—and learned that it did not. But they did put an age restriction on our Disney movie, “Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom.” Tells us volumes about their mentality.

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