It was too hard for Hollywood to resist. After delivering a subtle pro-life message in earlier episodes, the writers for “Jane the Virgin” on the CW Channel got around to exploiting Our Blessed Mother in the third installment.

The show is based on the premise that Jane became pregnant through artificial insemination and remains a virgin. But in a recent episode Jane decided she was going to have sex with her boyfriend. In church during Mass, Jane’s grandmother spoke to her about honesty, making her feel guilty. Hallucinating, Jane pictured the choir singing to her. Here is what followed:

Choir: “Tonight’s the night you’ll lie in bed. You should tell the truth, but you’ll lie instead. Don’t have sex, Jane, don’t have sex.”

Grandmother: “Can you really lie to my face?”

Choir and Congregation: “Can you really lie to her face?”

Statue of Virgin Mary: “Virginity for you and me if you keep your legs closed.”

Choir and Congregation: “Keep them closed! Keep them closed! Keep them closed!”

When the scene ended, Jane was still in church. She was shown telling her mother and grandmother she was going to have sex with her boyfriend. Jane’s mother said, “Halleluiah,” shocking the grandmother.

Now Bill Donohue knows this show is plain stupid, and only morons would think it funny, but the sad fact is there are plenty of morons around. They count. Of course, the show’s writers could have chosen Islam to dump on, but then Jane might have been the object of an honor killing.

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