A new film from writer-director Greg Pritkin called “Surviving Eden” opened in select cities late this summer. The comedy, about a down-on-his luck fellow who wins a “Survivor”-type reality show, centers on how fame and fortune can change a man. Sounds well and good, so far.

However, “Surviving Eden’ features one character, Sister Agnes O’Malley, who is a vehicle for pot-shots against the church. Not only is Sister Agnes a contestant on the reality show (which involves living naked on an island) she informs the other characters that not all nuns are virgins.

Most gratuitous of all is a bit of dialogue between Sister Agnes and another character, Maria. After Sister Agnes reveals she is a nun, Maria offers: “That must suck.” When Sister Agnes asks why, Maria responds, “‘Cause priests only like boys.” The filmmakers evidently found this bit so clever it was featured in the film’s trailer.

“Surviving Eden” was only played in select cities, and attracted little media attention. We’re pleased, but not surprised. There is nothing new or original about this sort of gratuitous attack on the Church.

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