Here’s what Catholic League president Bill Donohue had to say today about the Sundance Film Festival:

“Now that officials of the Sundance Film Festival, and those associated with the movie ‘Hounddog,’ have been blasted for exploiting 12-year-old Dakota Fanning, they have tried to blunt the attacks by saying that the film contains a ‘carefully choreographed rape scene’ that was done in an ‘artistic way.’ Simulated child rape, then, is okay as long as it doesn’t offend Hollywood sensibilities. The problem is that no one knows what offends Hollywood save for a movie about the death of Jesus.

“It certainly doesn’t bother Hollywood to feature a movie about a man having sex with a horse, which is what the Sundance entry ‘Zoo’ is all about. Indeed, this movie was deemed by Sundance judges as a ‘humanizing look at the life and bizarre death of a seemingly normal Seattle family man who met his untimely death after an unusual encounter with a horse.’ To be blunt about it, the movie tries to sanitize the sick death of an obviously deranged Seattle pervert who perforated his colon after he molested a horse.

“Kenneth Turin of the Los Angeles Times was unhappy with Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ’ because of its ‘almost sadistic violence,’ but he loved the bestiality in ‘Zoo,’ calling it ‘an elegant, eerily lyrical film.’ What he liked best was that it was ‘a poetic film about a forbidden subject.’ But it’s forbidden no more. Next year look for Sundance to introduce a movie about same-sex incest.

“I have only a few questions. Whatever happened to the horse? Did he survive this ordeal? Has PETA filed suit alleging that his animal rights have been violated? And because the horse was an Arabian stallion, does this constitute a bias crime?”

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