Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on reviews of “Jerry Springer: The Opera,” which officially opened on February 22nd in New York City (previews began January 23rd):

Here is a sample of what theater critics said about “Jerry Springer: The Opera” when it was performed in England in the early 2000s:

  • “Surely no more blasphemous, vulgar or salacious piece of musical theatre than Jerry Springer—The Opera has graced the London stage in modern times.” (Evening Standard, 4-30-03)
  • “Probably the filthiest thing I have ever seen on stage.” (Sunday Mercury, 6-20-04)
  • “The blasphemy was far, far worse than even the most detailed news reports had led me to believe.” (BBC senior radio producer, UPI, 1-12-05)

Here is what Jerry Springer said about the play:

  • “I wouldn’t have written it. I don’t believe in making fun of other religions or in saying things that could be insensitive to other people’s religions.” (CNN, 3-30-05)

Here is what I recently said to President Trump about the play:

  • “The most obscene anti-Christian play ever performed.” (Letter to the president, 1-24-18)

The following media outlets reviewed the play on February 23rd:

  • Hollywood Reporter,, Newsday, New York Daily News, New York Observer, New York Post, New York Times

 None cited the Christian bashing that is featured in the play, and some never even made reference to Jesus or any Christian figure or event that was trashed.

This is a cultural bellwether. It signals a total collapse of outrage over anti-Christian fare.

It would be a mistake to think that these critics are incapable of being offended. No, they have plenty of anger in them over the slightest offense against transgender persons. But Christians—they’re fair game. Indeed, it is open season on Christians, led by the arts, education, the entertainment industry, and the media. And, sadly, by a growing number of executives in the corporate world.

We take the long view at the Catholic League, and are not dissuaded by the reaction of elites. That so many have become morally corrupt is evident, but they don’t own America. Remember what happened in November 2016?

We are confident that we will get what we want out of this “Springer Opera” mess. We trust that President Trump will soon nominate a morally responsible person to be the new head of the National Endowment for the Arts, someone who will make the cheerleaders of the “Springer Opera” wince.

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