p11394dBill Donohue comments on the November 20 edition of the “Dennis & Callahan Morning Show” radio program, simulcast on the New England Sports Network:

The pope’s compassion for a man severely disfigured by disease was lost on Boston sports talk show hosts John Dennis, Gerry Callahan, and Kirk Minihane. After Minihane remarked that the pope was “making out” with the man, the trio continued to assail the Holy Father and even brought his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, into their attacks.

Insulting the pope’s mercy was not enough for them. They said that he belongs in the mall with Santa, and implied that he molests children.

  • Callahan: “Have a pope at every mall? … Have all the little boys sit on his lap?”
  • Minihane: “Yeah, that might be an issue.”

This isn’t the first time this crew has hit below the belt. In 2003 they were suspended for two weeks after comparing African Americans to gorillas, in 2005 they offended gays, and in 2007 they accused a federal judge of fixing a child endangerment case. They have apologized before, and now it’s time for them to apologize again.

Perhaps they should just stick to sports.

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