Catholic bashing is nothing new to “South Park,” so when the new season began March 6 we braced ourselves for more trouble. What we didn’t expect was that the bashing would begin even before the first show aired.

Days before the new season began, a promo aired showing a young woman in the confessional. With trepidation in her voice, she said to the priest: “Forgive me, Father. It’s been two months since our last meeting, and the visions have not yet stopped. Eternal damnation, the Anti-Christ, and people with asses where their faces should be. Oh, Father, are these signs of the Apocalypse?” It continued in this vein.

We sent the following comment to the media:

Whoppi Goldberg made Catholics laugh at her light-hearted antics in ‘Sister Act.’ Unlike Goldberg, ‘South Park’ creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker habitually cross the line. They are not so much interested in poking fun as they are in lashing out.”

To write a complaint about “South Park” write to Larry Divney, president and CEO, Comedy Central, 1775 Broadway, NY, NY 10019.

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