Comedy Central has been promoting tomorrow night’s episode of “South Park” for over a week.  It boasts that this is one “the Catholic Church doesn’t want you to see.”  The show will target the sex abuse scandal in the Church.  A promo for the show has a bishop, standing in front of the pope, complaining, “we’ll never be able to have sex with boys again.”

Catholic League president William Donohue commented as follows:

“One the biggest myths in Hollywood is the notion that ‘South Park’ creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have the guts to take on controversial subjects.  Already, some pundits are congratulating Stone and Parker for doing an episode on the scandal in the Catholic Church.  But the way Stone and Parker have decided to approach the subject shows cowardice, not courage.

“The promo is dishonest.  The scandal in the Church is not about priests having sex with prepubescent boys.  It is about priests having sex with postpubescent young men.  The former is called pedophilia and the latter is called homosexuality.  So if Stone and Parker really had guts, they would do a show on gay priests.  But, of course, like so many other intellectually dishonest elites in our society, they will go to any length to protect homosexuals.

“It is worth noting that in a recent survey conducted by the Washington Post—extending back four decades and covering 60,000 priests—it was disclosed that less than 1.5 percent of the priests were involved in sexual misconduct with minors.  It is also worth noting that the 2 percent of our society which is homosexual accounts for over half the AIDS cases in this country.  Now if the statistic on priests merits an episode on ‘South Park,’ it is fair to ask why the figures on gays and AIDS don’t merit a whole season of fun?  But like I said, Stone and Parker are cowards, and that explains why they’ll never air a show on the homosexual contribution to AIDS.”

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