Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of “South Park,” got angry at executives at Comedy Central for not airing an image of Muhammad and so instead they showed an image of Jesus, and President Bush, defecating on the American flag.

Bill Donohue hit the airwaves on CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight” and the Fox News Network’s, “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” hammering Stone and Parker. As Donohue told the Associated Press, “The ultimate hypocrite is not Comedy Central—that’s their decision not to show the image of Muhammad or not—it’s Parker and Stone. Like little whores, they’ll sit there and grab the bucks. They’ll sit there and they’ll whine and they’ll take their shot at Jesus. That’s their stock and trade.” Donohue said that the two creators of the show should resign in principal for being censored.

Comedy Central is not to be trusted and neither should Parker and Stone.

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