In December, a senior official at Sony called the league to say that a serious mistake had been made by their San Antonio office: it had inadvertently released, in a few parts of the country, a CD that Sony had agreed to retire, O Come All Ye Faithful. Readers of Catalyst will remember that the Catholic League threatened a boycott of Sony unless it agreed to retire the album altogether. Our objection was that proceeds of the Rock for Choice CD were going to fund the pro-abortion movement, using our sacred holiday to do so. Sony agreed to our demand over the summer.

Sony took immediate steps to block all distribution of the CD and apologized for the mishap. The league not only accepted the apology, we even advised those who were prepared to mount an offensive against Sony that it was truly a mistake and thus required no action. We even urged a U.S. Senator’s staff to drop the matter.

The league is pleased with Sony’s forthrightness in dealing with the error and is most heartened by the readiness of those who are on our side to swing into action, if necessary. We feel confident that this is one CD that will never see the light of day again.

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