SNAP director David Clohessy berates the Church for not reporting suspected sexual abusers, yet he himself admits failing to report a priest who molested a male youth. He accuses the Church of lying, he admits under oath lying to the media about his work. He claims the Church lacks transparency, but he doesn’t disclose his own funding sources. He alleges the Church gave victims inadequate counseling, yet he admits SNAP offers none. In 2007 they spent $593 for “survivor support.” (Clohessy, who has no counseling license, holds sessions at Starbucks). However, in 2008 he spent $92,000 on travel.

SNAP is broke. It recently emailed donors, pleading: “We are barely meeting our everyday expenses.” That’s because they have nothing to do. The homosexual abuse scandal ended almost three decades ago. Few of their rapacious lawyer friends who sued the Church are there to grease them anymore. Hence their latest stunt.

Before the conclave, SNAP released a “dirty dozen” list of cardinals. They’re clearly in panic mode and need to kick-start their operations once again. They claim to be furious about those “who pretend the worst is over.” They have to say that. They’ve got no other choice but to lie.

On March 1, the Washington Post covered the “survivors” movement. One activist confessed it “diminished quite a bit,” citing fewer of the “gray-haired folks.” Another reluctantly admitted the movement has “run out of steam.” SNAP’s best days are behind it, and Clohessy knows it.

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