Bill Donohue

Sabrina Carpenter is a diminutive, immature 24-year-old who likes to wear t-shirts with the inscription, “You Act Like a B****”; it’s in reference to a lyric from her song, “Feathers.” She is in the news because of a stunt she pulled at a Brooklyn Catholic Church, the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

She managed to secure permission to shoot a music video featuring her hit, “Feathers.” Brooklyn Bishop Robert Brennan is not happy at what happened and is investigating why protocol wasn’t followed; diocesan approval must be sought before allowing performances in a church.

The video shows Carpenter prancing around the church’s altar in a “booty-showing black dress”; at one point she is shown pantless.

The context is a mock funeral: profane decorations dot the altar and there is a candy-colored coffin. Two men who sexually harassed her—taking an upskirt photo of her—were killed. She feigns being sad while obviously not distraught. In the end, she drives away in a pink hearse.

Before starting her singing career, Carpenter was a former Disney Channel star (that figures). More predictable, she is literally in love with the sexually confused. Here’s a sampling of her remarks.

  • “The LBGTQ+ community has influenced who I am not only as an artist, but more importantly as a person. You are some of the most fearless people on the planet.”
  • “When you come to my shows with pride flags, screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs, I hope you feel an overwhelming rush of love and safety.”

The safety that she mentioned may be in reference to the violence that is endemic in the transgender population. Sadly, they are very good about victimizing each other (click here for the evidence).

Catholics are used to having celebrities rip off their iconography. These geniuses are very much like children, though unlike the kids their motives are malicious.

Isn’t there a mosque somewhere in Brooklyn?

Contact her executive director of publicity, Sharrin Summers, at Hollywood Records:

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