Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on “SMILF”:

Much to the approval of Showtime, women are treated as sexual toys by Hollywood moguls and actors. Indeed, it basks in the sexual exploitation of women so much so that it named a show after sexual predators, “Single Mothers I’d Like to F***.” It goes by the acronym, “SMILF.”

The twisted show upped the ante a few weeks ago when it suggested that the Virgin Mary was raped and forced to give birth. Last night it depicted a homosexual priest sexually embracing a drunk.

Women are objectified, Christianity is trashed, and homosexuality is flaunted. No wonder “SMILF” was just nominated for the 2018 Golden Globes “best comedy” show. But it is not sure what Hollywood likes best: inviting men to see women as harlots, or bashing Christianity.

One more thing. Hollywood has no problem with sexism—it enjoys treating women like dirt, both on the screen and in real life—but it has no tolerance for racism. This explains why a show titled “SBMILF” (the “B” being for Black) would never be accepted.

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