Most of us regret doing some things that at the time seemed right, or at least okay. The same is true of Sinead O’Connor, the foul-mouthed Irish anti-Catholic bigot who is also known for her singing.

Sinead regrets performing at a New Jersey concert in 1990 simply because the event opened with the playing of “The Star Spangled Banner.” She also regrets canceling a 1990 appearance on “Saturday Night Live” simply because the anti-gay comedian, Andrew Dice Clay, was scheduled to be on the program. But she has no regrets about ripping up a picture of the pope on “Saturday Night Live” in 1992.

When Sinead shredded a photo of the pope, she remarked, “Fight the real enemy.” Now, in an interview she gave Lisa Robinson in July, the single mom says, “I stand by that. I am as proud of that as I am of having my two children.” She also told Spin writer Chris Norris that “I can say about the pope thing, I’m very proud of that and I stand by it and I would do it again.”

So let’s see if we understand this. Sinead regrets offending the American people and homosexuals, but not Catholics. Did someone say she took a course in Political Correctness 101 over the summer at an Ivy League school?

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