Irish singer Sinead O’Connor is warning Pope Benedict XVI not to come to Ireland, and if he does, she wants him shot. She warned on Twitter there will be a “f***in bloodbath” if the pope visits Ireland.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on her outburst:

Sinead O’Connor has a long history of Catholic bashing, so in one sense her latest foray is not unusual. What’s new, however, is her advocacy of violence. Given her precarious condition, it is not likely she could shoot straight, but her violent appeal may trigger others to act. That is the danger.

O’Connor is not doing well. The cops were recently summoned to her home after she Tweeted about suicide. She needs long-term help. In the meantime, whatever family or friends she has would do well to get her to ramp down her rhetoric and at least pretend to be normal.

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