He likes to hide his camera in the smoke-alarm over his bed, videoing kinky sex with his boyfriends. He is one of the biggest porn kings in American history, making a fortune off of “barebacking” videos—the kind of unprotected sex that led directly to AIDS. And when he is not bundling hundreds of thousands of dollars for President Obama, he is riding with him on Air Force One. Recently, he was arrested in his Portland, Oregon home for rape. Charged with a felony, he is accused of sodomizing a teenage boy in 2013. Meet Terrence Patrick Bean.

Bean is not just another rapist—he is a co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s most powerful homosexual organization, and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. And how have the media dealt with this story? With a yawn: AP ran one story totaling 133 words, CNN ran a couple of clips, and Fox News gave it a brief mention (some of the stories failed to mention Bean’s HRC role).

HRC does not simply promote the radical gay agenda, it engages in smear campaigns against the Catholic Church. It continually brands as “anti-gay” every pro-marriage effort by the bishops. It also lectures the Vatican on internal matters: it offers instruction on the proper formation for men in the seminaries.

If a Catholic bishop does not call 911 at the drop of a hat regarding dirty pictures possessed by a priest, he is upbraided by the media and gay leaders. But when a gay superstar is arrested for raping a minor, the same critics say nothing.

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