Bill Donohue comments on “The Nasty Show Volume II”:

“Comedian Brad Williams hosts some of the most deranged minds in comedy.” That is the way Showtime plugs “The Nasty Show Volume II.” Deranged is actually too kind a word to describe the show that aired on January 6.

Mike Ward, one of the deranged comedians, made a crack about a deaf kid wishing to sing for the pope. He says that because the kid is deaf, “maybe he hadn’t heard what the Catholics do with little kids.”

It is not clear whether Ward meant “little” as in midget—that is what Williams is—or he was referring to a child.

Corey Holcomb showed his brilliance by commenting on the birth of Jesus. “Mary came home from the club that night…told Joseph that bulls*** story. ‘The spirit got me pregnant. Bitch! The spirit don’t f*** with you, bitch! Shut the f*** up, goddammit!”

Holcomb is a black man who sounds like an illiterate.

Ralphie May is another genius. He makes a comment about a woman who has an upset stomach, noting that she is “trying to get [her] p***y right with Jesus.”

It is debatable whether May is more anti-Christian than he is misogynistic.

Hollywood actors went into a rage last night at the Golden Globe Awards over vulgar comments attributed to Donald Trump. But they don’t mean it. Vulgarity is their specialty, as witnessed by this Brad Williams spectacular.

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