At face value, the multicultural concept of diversity suggests an appreciation for the diversity of races, ethnic groups and religions that constitute the U.S. In reality, it is a political weapon used by agit-prop activists to advance their agenda. A textbook example was recently given at Tracy High School in Tracy, California.
      In a history course taught at the high school, one of the teachers decided to demonstrate how strange our culture looked from the perspective of others. He asked the Catholic students to raise their hands and then asked how many had attended Mass on Sunday. He wanted to know how many of them received “that wafer/cracker.” He followed through by saying, “that thing you call the Body of Christ.” His final quip, dripping with sarcasm, was on the cannibal nature of Catholics.
      The bigoted teacher was not done. A week later he ripped Catholics once again, this time ridiculing Catholics about reincarnation. What was striking about this incident is that it occurred out of the blue and at the very end of class (thus denying Catholic students an opportunity to reply).
      A mother of one of the Catholic students met to resolve the issue with the principal. We trust the offending teacher got the point. He should have gotten the gate.
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