Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a column by New York Times op-ed writer Michelle Goldberg that appears on the editorial page of today’s edition; he ties it to her sordid past:

There are few columnists more passionate in their defense of abortion rights than New York Times op-ed columnist Michelle Goldberg. She is so obsessed with this issue that she can justify abortion for any reason and at any time during pregnancy.

In keeping with the position of pro-abortion zealots such as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, Goldberg is also a proponent of allowing a baby born alive after a botched abortion to die without medical care. That is called infanticide.

Goldberg is incensed that President Trump is drawing attention to this Nazi-like practice. Today she goes further by claiming that “Abortion providers are regular targets of domestic terrorism.” (My italic.)

There is no evidence to support such a wild accusation. Indeed, the one anecdote she offers has nothing to do with abortion. She cites a nut who three years ago fired a rifle at a pizzeria because it was the alleged home of a child sex trafficking ring involving Hillary Clinton.

Even more disturbing is Goldberg’s history of promoting violence and anti-Christian bigotry.

Recently, while doing research on some other topic, I stumbled across a New York Post article by Rod Dreher from 1999 where he discussed left-wing intolerance. One of the stories he mentioned caught my eye. Here is what he said.

“The intolerance hasn’t been limited to student newspapers. A few years ago, a pro-life student group at SUNY-Buffalo set up a ‘cemetery of the innocents’—4,000 wooden crosses symbolizing the number of unborn children aborted in one day. Pro-choicers stormed the exhibit and kicked the crosses down. Michelle Goldberg, a writer for the campus paper, urged readers to ‘do your part and spit at [pro-lifers]. Kick them in the head.'”

I checked to see if this was the same Michelle Goldberg who today writes for the New York Times, and who has a history of demonizing conservative Christians—she calls them “Christian nationalists” who want to impose a “totalistic ideology” on America. It sure was. She was born in Buffalo and graduated from SUNY-Buffalo in the same time period as identified by Dreher.

Forget about abortion and Trump. There is a much bigger issue here.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh was condemned by many for what he allegedly did in high school. No one could corroborate any of the charges. Goldberg was in college, and we have indisputable evidence of her offenses.

Should the New York Times employ an anti-Christian bigot who promotes violence against them? Would the Times employ an anti-gay bigot who promotes violence against homosexuals?

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