The Catholic left is so deep in the tank for Obama that they are working publicly to undermine the bishops. First a little background.

On March 2, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, speaking for the bishops, said that at a recent meeting between the bishops’ conference staff and the White House staff, the former were told by the latter that the issue of religious liberty was “off the table.” Moreover, following the February 10 Health and Human Services mandate, Bishop William Lori, the point man for the bishops on religious liberty, said there was “no prior consultation” with the bishops before the edict was issued.

Reporting on this for the Religion News Service, David Gibson quoted an administration official who denied all of this, effectively saying Dolan and Lori are liars. The official said, “The White House has put nearly every issue requested by the bishops on the table for discussion…only to be rebuffed.” Indeed, the operative even accused “some bishops and staff” of politicizing the issue. [Gibson refused to name his source. So much for transparency.]

Gibson reported that “some USCCB staff members involved in the talks are veteran culture warriors” who often take “a harder line” than the bishops. But could they be more extreme than Alexia Kelley, the left-wing Catholic who presides over the near moribund faith-based programs? Before landing her White House job, she was funded by atheist billionaire George Soros; she ran a dummy Catholic entity, one that Soros greased to the tune of hundreds of thousands through his Open Society Institute.

Gibson also said that “Catholic officials from other institutions” are working more quickly to resolve problems than the bishops’ staff is. Again, they were not identified. No matter, not only do these activists have no official standing, there is nothing for them to resolve—they’re all shilling for Obama.

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