On March 6, Andrew Cuomo, the disgraced former governor of New York, ripped off congregants at a black church in Brooklyn by turning his speech into a shameless exercise in self-pity. He played the victim card. He went on to blame the Democratic Party, “prosecutorial misconduct,” the media, and the “cancel culture” for his woes, falsely claiming that he has been “vindicated.”

He did not say why he didn’t have the courage to stay in office and fight for his vindication, owing, no doubt, to the fact that he was ready to be impeached.

Perhaps the most revealing aspect of Cuomo’s speech at the black church was his insistence on wanting to “tell my truth.” He should have been asked to leave at that point.

New Yorkers have had it with the Cuomos. It’s time they got the message and quietly slipped away.

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