Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Seth Meyers’ latest attack on the Catholic Church:

In his NBC-TV show last night, Seth Meyers told viewers that “Pope Francis has announced new rules designed to change how the Catholic Church deals with abuse accusations, and not 2,000 years too soon.”

This guy lives in a bubble. There is no town or city in America that houses more sexual predators per square inch than Hollywood, yet late-night talk show hosts rarely take shots at their own home-grown molesters.

Just today Steven Spielberg is in the news for pulling out of the CBS show “Bull” because the network had to dish out $9.5 million in a settlement regarding the sexual harassment of actress Eliza Dushku; she was fired after she confronted the star of the show, Michael Weatherly.

This is the way they still do business in Hollywood. Unlike the Catholic Church, which is instituting new reforms to combat sexual misconduct, Hollywood is still writing checks to victims, allowing offenders like Weatherly to keep his job. Why is he still working for CBS?

Don’t look for Meyers to say anything about this, or about the serial problems that NBC has had over the years with its own perverts.

Contact Lauren Roseman, VP, NBC Entertainment Policy:

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