imagesBill Donohue comments on Seth Meyers’ latest crack about Catholics:

Seth Meyers must know some good jokes about Jewish girls, though we haven’t heard any. He’s got to have a stock of jokes ripping on Muslim gals, but again we’ve never heard any of them. But when it comes to Catholic girls, we know what Meyers thinks of them.

Last night, Meyers did a segment, “Venn Diagrams,” where he sought to find common ground between two apparently unrelated subjects. He compared “The Second Half of the Final Season of ‘Mad Men'” [the TV show] with “Catholic Girls.” The common thread was, “You Have to Wait Before You Get To See it All.”

Meyers’ writers have Catholics on their mind. On March 6, he made a quip about the pope and Jesus. On April 3, Meyers discussed “Philomena,” a movie we exposed for its vicious lies about nuns; one of the movie’s stars, Steve Coogan, who predicted that he would garner an Oscar (he came away empty-handed), whined about the criticism leveled at the film. On April 8, Meyers announced that a faux Catholic Digest ran an article titled, “Global Warming: It’s Because You Touched Yourself.” There have been other shots at Catholics, as well.

We never said anything about Meyers’ new show until now. While we have heard worse, there is a disturbing pattern evolving. His show is only a few months old, and it is already clear that he has a Catholic fixation. We hope he gets over it quickly.

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