Here is what Seth Meyers, host of NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” and his writers consider a joke: “A Spanish hotel inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey [a popular porn book] is having its opening delayed because officials are concerned that it’s too close to a nearby Catholic Church. ‘We don’t want to be next to all those creepy perverts’ said the hotel.”

Bill Donohue would bet his last dime that those who wrote this live a twisted sex life. Why does he say this? Because in discussions he has had with media executives, they say it is widely known that many of these late-night monologues are written by such folks.

Meyers, of course, is under no obligation to use this material. If we substituted “gay bathhouse” for Catholic Church, he would reject the joke. For obvious reasons, no such joke would ever be submitted to him.  So once again, bigotry and cowardice are at work at NBC.

This offensive riff has broken new ground for Seth Meyers. Up until this point, he has managed to be funny without being crude. We hope it doesn’t signal a new turn.

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